Design services

Furniture Design :
From the concept to the final product we take care of everything.
Depending on the project and on your needs, we can provide a customized package.
Create a brand new product after a market study, re-design your furniture...

How we can help you ?

  • Create: You want to have a new range of  furniture with a real concept.
  • Re-design: Your client or you start to be bored of your products and you want to refresh their look.

Design Consultant :
- Advice on style, presentation depending on your market and on the trends,
- Launch and develop the project in a factory. Manage a chinese team of engineers and workers...
- Manufacturing advice (to make sure you have a good quality, or if you have a target price)
- Re-design your product to adapt it to your market, make it easy/possible to manufacture and make sure it will have a good finish.

How we can help you ?

  • Develop: You have a project in China which needs to be followed up, finished by serious creative people ?
  • Present/Launch: You have a new product that needs a professional presentation ?
  • Improve: You want to improve the quality of your product or/and make it cheaper ?



Both services can be combined, for example is you want us to design furniture and follow the production in the factory, or if you want us to re-design your furniture and make the manufacturing price cheaper...
If you want to survive in today's market, you have to integrate design in your development philosophy. We understand your need and make the best we can to surpass your expectations.